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Company Profile

The Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) is a research and learning organization that uses Emotional Intelligence (EI) to leverage performance and leadership.  Businesses around the world look to IHHP and EI management training programs to help them with numerous issues.  To meet this global demand IHHP has a team of consultants across Canada, the US, Australia and Asia, in addition to the core executive, headquartered in Barrie, ON.

This distributed workforce allows IHHP to reach out globally, but also presents interesting scenarios for internal communication and team work.  As IHHP continues to grow, they need a business platform that will help them improve efficiency and prepare for the future with profitable growth.


The Institute for Health and Human Potential needed to improve communication and collaboration, or sharing.  According to Dany Spencer, Operations Manager at IHHP, they were looking for a "cloud" like implementation that would allow them to access email and files from anywhere, share each other's calendars internally to easily book meetings across the organization and easily share files via a web interface.

Dany investigated and compared a number of solutions from a functionality and cost analysis perspective.  She found one vendor that would provide it all, and more.  "During our initial investigation we were focused on mail and calendaring, however I was pleasantly surprised that some vendors will provide us with packages that include phone and web conferencing.  I have added those two criteria to my list of features as "Bonus" features."
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After intensive investigation and detailed analysis, IHHP chose Microsoft Office 365 as their online platform, and to be their vendor for implementation and support.  From their perspective, the advantages of this solution were:

Provides the most features
Security of the system
Service and free training
Microsoft program to assist with the costs of the implementation
Reliable local vendor
Communication package (Lync)

Net annual savings of $5,400 through the suite of services
As with any new solution, change and user adoption can be a challenge.  Dany Spencer from IHHP attended training with, and has taken a scaled approach to present this to her team.  Now they are all using the solution effectively.


The immediate benefits were improved productivity.  Visibility into calendars has resulted in more independence for individuals to schedule meetings, and having immediate knowledge of each other's availability.  Less time is spent tracking people down, and more time is now available for program development and delivery.

The use of SharePoint to share files and manage documents, means that information is readily available for all staff and remote workers do not need to VPN into the central server to access files.  The SharePoint site has provided a central location for a full view of the events calendar and all company announcements/news are posted which eliminates the need for mass emails.  In addition, operational tasks are handled such as parking availability and boardroom bookings are easily viewed and booked through SharePoint.

Following implementation of this solution, a partner's laptop crashed while on a road trip.  Although the situation was stressful, this person was able to log onto the web service from another computer and access all email, calendar and necessary files.  He was able to continue with a successful trip and not lose touch with the business at hand and back at the office.  Without this solution, he would have been stuck.  This was an important moment for IHHP as the realization of "it's all safe and available in the cloud" became a sudden reality.  The true benefits of the solution were felt that day.  Business continued as usual.
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