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Flags Unlimited

Flags Unlimited

Company Profile

Since 1966 Flags Unlimited Corporation has been producing flags and has since grown to become North America's leading manufacturer of National flags, custom flags, custom banners and flagpoles.  Located in Barrie, Ontario, Flags Unlimited‘s 65,000 sq. ft. facility serves customers all over Canada and the United States.

 Whether you need a single flag or a complete fabric solution for an event, they are set to handle it. Their philosophy: a flag is one of the most enduring ways to show people who you are and what you stand for and that it is a proud moment to see your flag flying high. Flags Unlimited is honoured to be a part of those moments. 


The owner of Flags Unlimited was motivated to seek a new eCommerce solution that would provide a user friendly experience, be more operationally efficient and provide better sales activity reporting.

In addition to the eCommerce needs, a design refresh was overdue as well as a desire to have the marketing department manage the website, instead of the IT department.

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Flags Unlimited considered a full range of options - from IT managing the website to a third party consultant managing the site.  In weighing the pros and cons of each option, they determined that they wanted a solution that could be managed internally, by marketing.  In that respect, the solution needed to a non-technical and user friendly interface that did not require the IT department.

One solution - Sitefinity CMS with Mallsoft eCommerce was able meet all of their requirements, was cost effective and could be delivered by their trusted IT advisor,


Improved Operational efficiencies.  A number of operational efficiencies have been realized.

  1. The switch to Sitefinity CMS freed up the IT department, as they longer had to manage content updates or the database used for cataloguing products. 
  2. The marketing department spends less time following up on change requests, they can get the look and feel they want and not have to work through many draft changes from a third party.
  3. Marketing can also take immediate action and respond to emerging needs, not waiting for another department or company to make changes to the website. 
  4. The marketing department found the CMS System easy to learn, and can envision using more of the functions as the users gain comfort and familiarity with the interface.
  5. Since one of the options involved an outside consulting firm, Flags Unlimited is saving the cost of consulting fees.

eCommerce sales have increased 30% in the past 3 months.  Due in part to the ease of navigation with the new solution.  The business owner has improved visibility into eCommerce reports and sales.  Part of the success that Flags Unlimited experienced was to add Monthly Specials and Feature top selling products which was not available in their previous solution.

Marketing consistency between the print catalogue and online catalogue.  With one person in the marketing department handling all product marketing, the consistency between print and online has been brought to a whole new level.

SEO and Social media avenues for future development.  Sitefinity provides a code base that allows for effective SEO strategies.  Flags Unlimited has a new tracking tool to monitor site traffic that will be useful in gauging SEO effectiveness.  When strong Social Media programs are in place, their Sitefinity website will integrate with the tools to effectively manage social media programs.

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