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Airdex Corporation

Airdex Corporation

Company Profile

Airdex Corporation manufactures quality fans and blowers for the HVAC market.

Airdex relies on a software package that's used in nearly every facet of business.  Peter Rae, President of Airdex knows that keeping his IT systems operating effectively is important for his business.


"We are not large enough to employ our own IT person and must depend on an outside source for this service.  The company we used for this had done an intitial installation and serviced us for about 10 years," recalls Peter Rae.  "Without realizing it, over time they became very reactive and had many personnel changes, which meant people who were not familiar with our set up had a learning curve with each visit."

Airdex was faced with an emergency situation.  The main server was inaccessible which meant they did not have access to the programs and information required to run their business.  They called their IT service provider but could not reach them.

"When our servers went down unexpectedly, we needed fast action.  I was familiar with and asked around about them. I received positive comments and decided to ask for help."

"They responded immediately and while we had some downtime, it was reasonable considering they had to procure a new server and reload our data from our questionable backups.  Nothing was lost."

In reviewing the situation it was identified that all of the redundant, or backup drives, in the server had failed and no one was aware.  Their regular maintenance program did not uncover the failing hard drive.  The situation only came to light when all the hard drives were dead and the server was left inoperable.

Airdex Corporation Case Study by

Solution built a new server for Airdex and pulled data from various backup tapes to get their system operating again.  Peter Rae realized that this downtime interrupted his and business and wanted to take measures to ensure that it did not happen again.  He needed a solution with assurances that their systems were checked and running optimally. set up a 24/7 Monitoring solution on their servers.  This system checks the performance of all aspects of their server and provides real-time reports.  If any systems indicate they're at risk of reaching a threshold of poor performance, is notified and corrective action can be taken before performance issues can take place.

A few weeks after the solution was set up, was notified that there was a program with the connection to their server.  Airdex was called to let them know their internet was down before they were aware of the situation.  This is a prime example of pro-active monitoring and the peace of mind that Peter was hoping for.


The 24/7 IT Monitoring solution provides and Airdex with valuable information about the performance of their systems, ensuring that potential issues are identified before they become problems.  Notifications are generated for changes to the server performance as well as the following security checks:

  • Baseline security scanning to detect security holes
  • Hardware level changes
  • Continuous monitoring for viruses, worms, spam ware and other malware
  • Automated verification of data backup completion and identification of any failed backups.

Peter can now focus on the operations of his business and not worry that he will encounter major issues with his server and IT infrastructure.  He has increased peace of mind that is looking after his systems effectively.

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