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In the age of instant apps and free online products, you may consider setting Office 365 up on your own. But consider, business technology can be complex and putting it all together effectively requires expertise.

Save yourself the frustration of wasted time learning to implement a new solution, wasted productivity due to unnecessary downtime and the subsequent lost revenue.  Your business needs YOU, your technology needs US!

Office 365 Will Save You Money - EXPLAINED IN 3 MINUTES!!

We want you to keep your hair AND have Office 365 for your business!


  • We have invested the time to know everything about deploying Office 365 - so you don't have to
  • We can move your business to the cloud with no interruption to your staff and operations


  • Fixed pricing on implementation saves escalating costs
  • Your business in the cloud means no more servers, server maintenance and software licensing


  • The cloud may be new to you, but not to us.  We know how to effectively navigate deployment
  • AND get your staff transitioned to the cloud effectively DELIVERS...

  • YOUR Solution with the highest Office 365 qualifications and most experience in the region
  • Your solution delivered by a "Geek with personality" - technican with a great sense of humor (who knew!!)
  • Your solution with the best technology available - or we won't deliver it at all

Office 365 Package and Pricing

Office 365 and your business in the Cloud

Security - usually a concern for business owners - for us too!

  • With Office 365, your data isn't "out there" on some unknown server.  It's housed in one of Microsoft's North American data centres that are fully compliant with ISO27001, HIPAA, FISMA and verified by third party auditors.
  • Starbucks, Dell, and the State of Minnesota are all organizations that had the budget, in-house expertise, and abilities to have their server solutions completely in-house and off of the cloud, but they chose to leverage the capabilities, the security, and the long-term savings of the cloud. 
  • Still on the fence about security -  take a good look at this site where you can view details, and compare it to your firewall.

What can you do with Office 365

  • Share calendars with other staff members
  • Real IPhone/Blackberry synchronization – When you delete an email on your phone, it’s also deleted from Outlook

  • Have a video conference from outside the office.

  • Work on a Word document from nearly any internet connected computer even if Microsoft Office isn’t installed.

  • Maintain a document storage library using an IPad

  • Remotely share your computer with someone else.


Why Microsoft as your Cloud Provider?

  • Microsoft Office 365 does not force you into an all-or-nothing approach. Choose which aspects of your business you need in the cloud and what you still want to keep on premise
  • Unlike Google Apps – Microsoft Office 365 does not rely on advertising revenue as part of its business model.  With Google Apps – the content of your email (all email) is scanned so that advertisements can be targeted towards you.  For business, you may find this practice questionable.
  • Google Apps aren’t familiar to most office workers.  Office 365 contains the tools your staff already use confidently including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 
  • Microsoft Office 365 comes with a 99.999% uptime guarantee with a financially backed service level agreement. provides effective cloud solutions for businesses with Office 365.

Cloud Solution brings remote workforce together - virtually.

"Our focus was to find a partner that would meet our needs and join us as a vendor of choice for future growth."

Institute for Health and Human Potential


Office 365 Case Study   

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