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At, we are driven to deliver not only a reasonable price but also the most suitable product. Many times we have been asked to price a system so that the client can compare with other computer dealers. Only when we discuss what the clients actual needs are do we find out what is required to achieve their goals.

The value adds to the products we sell is the knowledge and service that stands behind it. builds IT Solutions for businesses using Microsoft, HP, Barracuda and Telerik products.  Learn more about our key technology partnerships.

Technology in the Cloud

In addition to providing advice and technology for the traditional on-premise network, has the knowledge and experience to implement Technology in the Cloud for business networks and IT systems.

Read and learn more about Cloud Computing here.

Purchasing Options

Many business owners are not aware of the options available for purchasing hardware and software.  Here is a brief description of the options:

Ownership – the traditional model of buying your hardware and software outright

Leasing – becoming more popular with the suppliers is the idea of leasing to own hardware, software and IT services.  Spread the payments over time while gaining the benefits immediately.

Renting – predominantly popular with software, renting licenses means a lower monthly cost spread over the desired period of need, and allows for businesses to take advantage of upgrades as they come available.

Contact us for a FREE consultation on your hardware and software needs and a no obligation quote.

Licensing Specialists has a Microsoft Gold Competency in Volume Licensing.  That means we are experts at navigating licensing options and recommending the most effective path for our customers based on:

  • the size of their organization
  • their software needs long and short term
  • their budget requirements
  • the type of systems they need to effectively run their business

We can help you navigate the complicated world of licensing.  Contact us for a FREE Licensing Consultation using the form below. provides effective hardware and software solutions to businesses.

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